A new Thai eatery has opened in Fairfield East, it’s in a small strip of shops which frankly generally doesn’t do very well.  Katin Thai has been open for a couple of weeks and I wanted to give this eatery a try, besides, there’s just too much green theming and it’s aroused my curiosity.

Tom Kha Gai

I thought I’d give the Tom Kha chicken a go as opposed to the usual Tom Yum – there’s alot more coconut milk.  The soup was creamy and tart, really was a very nice, the chicken might have been a little over-cooked so was just forgiveably tough.

Pla Raad Prick
Pla Raad Prick: deep fried fish with chilli sauce was another rush to the head to try something different. The fish was very subtle, batter was light, sauce spicy but lacked a little saltiness for me. The accompanying salad was very, very fresh.

This Sydney food blog will come back to Katin Thai in the near future for a less adventurous menu, then I can really compare.

Katin Thai
Shop A/152 Fairfield St, Fairfield
(02) 9892 4243