Every now and again, you get a pleasant surprise.  And so it was with Spanish Doughnuts, a narrow, hole in the wall establishment on Elizabeth street, a skip from Flinder street station.  We decided to give it a try because every time we walked pass there was a queue of people regardless of the time of day.

These doughnuts are long (about 10cm) rather than round and come in a bewildering array of flavours, both savoury and sweet.  Walter is desperately in love with the peanut butter version, the peanut butter centre is warm and delivers a melt in the mouth contrast to the hard outer.

I try the dark chocolate (why not?) covered doughnut with caramel filling. Rich and delicious… although I’m not sure at $3.90 each, they’re great value.

Despite the tiny size of this place, everything is made there and you can see them being made.

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