The intrepid search for the best pho continues, but this time in Melbourne, where I’m spending a relaxing weekend. Footscray is authentic, raw and exciting; it’s one of the most culturally diverse suburbs in Australia; boasting not only the Vietnamese community but also newer migrants from Africa.

It was so exciting to see such a wonderful mix.  We walked down the ‘African’ street which was so fun.. I wanted to go in and eat everything in sight.

But we settled for Saigon Pho, just off the main strip, but looking bustling and authentic.  I was a little worried when the basil and sprouts came out, because, well there wasn’t much basil and what there was, didn’t seem to fresh.

Any misgivings changed when my pho tai nam came, the broth was, for me, the perfect combination of sweetness and saltiness.  Maybe, just maybe the broth could have been a little clearer, but it’s a minor gripe. The pho rice noodles were fresh and the cooked meat particularly good.

Liking Saigon Pho a lot!

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