Salted prawns

One of the perks of the job is well, lunch and dinner for key cultural celebrations like Moon Festival.  Was lucky enough to attend the HSBC lunch today at Marigold in chinatown.

Marigold is a pretty popular place for yum cha and also a great place for a business lunch.  Today we had a private function room on the fourth floor.

The food came and came and came… high quality, fresh ingredients and just the right servings… I reckon there must have been eight courses, starting with oysters and vermicelli in chilli sauce followed by Peking duck, sang choy bow, salted prawns, stirred fried beef with mustard… that’s where I lost count!

Additional kudos for dessert.  The fruit platter was stunning, sweet and fresh.  While the mixed chinese sweets plate was warm and very melt in the mouth, including orange, sesame cake and warm buns with red bean paste filling.

We all got a gorgeous tin of moon cakes too.  Good one HSBC!

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