Was in Brisbane for a whirlwind visit, used Urbanspoon to find a restaurant near my hotel in Southbank.  This restaurant rated pretty highly (14th in fact) and was literally outside my hotel.

That’s where the joy ended.  Maybe I should have realised there might be a problem when I noticed that it was in a cinema complex, and even better there’s a sushi train arrangement on one side of the restaurant.

I thought I might have avoided trouble by sticking to the a la carte section.

Ordered the sashimi which was over priced and not particularly flavoursome… some pieces were a little more powdery – not fresh enough?

The miso soup was nicer but had to be ordered separately – also over priced.  The green tea I ordered was particularly plain – did I mention over priced?

The only redeeming feature is their specially mixed Kikoman soy sauce – it was sweet and perfect for sushi and sashimi.

Wasn’t worth the $22.50 for the whole meal.  And I was still hungry.

Ginga on Urbanspoon