On the way back from a local temple in town we came across a small street stall (actually it was relatively big by local standards).  In Vietnamese, there’s a rice noodle dish that is particularly flavoured with prawn paste that we call soup lao.

I wanted to see if this was it.  There were two types the lady was selling and I picked the one that looked the most spicy.  It wasn’t soup lao, it was more like Vietnamese bun bo hue.  It seemed to be pork mince in a relatively mild soup.  You could add your own fresh chili or chili paste or prawn paste for that matter to your own taste.

What did come with it was a wonderful array of greens which you put into the soup, basil, green beans, lime, watercress, ngo gay (barbed coriander), lettuce.  It was truly magnificent!

The whole meal came to less than $A2 per person.