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Holy Duck! By Chefs Gallery, Chinese, Chippendale

Holy Hanging Duck! Holy Duck! is an eatery in Kensington street, Chippendale, a hip new dining destination. Does this duck quack? Well that depends… The decor tries hard to look like it’s not trying hard. And it mostly succeeds. The name in lights (or lightbulbs) speaks volume, including the exclamation mark. Floating murals of frenzy Asia is a nice touch. It’s calculated to appeal to the students in the area, both local and international at UTS, Notre Dame and other colleges nearby. Holy Duck! aspires to be one, hip step above old school Canto restaurants in Chinatown. The menu...

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Swagath Biryani House, Indian, Wentworthville

Why do we make the monthly pilgrimage to Swagath? We all know to hit Harris Park, Seven Hills and Liverpool for great Indian food and groceries. Arguably Wentworthville was one of the first major Indian hubs. Noodlies, Sydney food makes a monthly pilgrimage to Station street for an Indian fix. Noodlies reckons you you can’t really go wrong on Station street. We’re loyal to Swagath because of their tandoori chicken. We discovered this eatery while on one of our trips to Udaya Indian Supermarket. It was the pile of red chicken pieces stacked high in the window that made...

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Fresh noodles and pasta in minutes

Sponsored post. Can you really make delicious, fresh noodles or pasta in minutes? Noodlies, Sydney food blog takes the challenge with a Philips Pasta and Noodle Maker. Not surprisingly, noodlies loves noodles. Sure, homemade pasta and noodles taste better – fresh ingredients, no preservatives, it’s a no brainer, right? I’m getting hungry right now just thinking about it! The biggest challenge to enjoying homemade pasta and noodles is the time and effort needed. If you don’t want to go through all that effort, but still want great, fresh noodles then Philips reckon they have the answer. We cook rice...

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Pho Banh Cuon 14, Paris, France

French Pho. Is it better than Sydney’s? Three weeks in Europe and noodlies, Sydney food blog has a developed a severe craving for pho. How does a French bowl compare? We’ve seen the gorgeous rolling English countryside, marvelled at French opulence. We’ve tasted Devon tea, Victoria sponge, chicken pate and fish souffle. But after three weeks playing tourist, I’ve got an urgent hunger for Vietnamese food. The 13th arrondissement of Paris is the Vietnamese hub, so we set off for pho goodness. I’m used to the heavy concentration of the community in Cabramatta and Bankstown – they’re not promoted...

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Palace of Versailles, France

Top tips for first time visitors to the Palace of Versailles Noodlies, Sydney food blog’s tips to help you make the most of this must-see Paris destination. Tourists (including us) flock to the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and the Pompidou Centre. The Palace of Versailles is another must-see destination you should add to the itinerary. < Louis XIV moved the French seat of government from Paris to Versailles in 1682. Previously it was Louis XIII’s old hunting pavilion. The Palace of Versailles got grander and grander as a succession of kings added to it until the French Revolution. The...

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