Author: Thang Ngo

Air Laos Lunch: 19 November 2009

Had delicious but simple packed lunch on Air Laos from Luang Prabang back to Bangkok. It was made same day and gorgeously wrapped in cling wrap.  You can tell it was fresh as the fruit had not coloured! The buns were ham, chese and fresh salad. The food was packed in a beautiful  Laos Airlines cardboard paper presentation...

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Banh Cuon in Luang Prabang

Couldn’t believe it, found Vietnamese Banh Cuon near our hotel in Luang Prabang… sold fresh at a street stall.  They are meat mince wrapped around delicate rice noodle and dipped in fish sauce. We ate two servings...

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A street stall near the amulet market, Bangkok was selling crabs cooked in all sorts of...

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Chinatown Restaurant, Bangkok

After visiting the Vietnamese temple in the Indian district of Bangkok, we walked to Chinatown, which was nearby. We felt like rice after all the noodles we’ve had this holiday and settled on a Chinese restaurant.  After we sat down, we realised it was a special ‘bird’s nest’ restaurant which seems like an excuse to charge Sydney prices. However, I have to say it was all delicious, from: the morning glory fried in garlic and chili… to pepper corn beef… and then stir fried...

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