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Breakfast in Cabramatta

Some mornings, breakfast is my favourite meal of the day, especially if we eat in Cabramatta.  Usually the place is noisy, crowded and colourful.  At 7am it’s the exact opposite, almost meditative.  The pace is slower and you do get a chance notice things you don’t when Cabra is busy. Dong Son on Park Road is quickly becoming our favourite breakfast haunt.  It’s run by Cambodian-Chinese and has been operating for around 20 years.  They seem to always be open, early or late.  The menu is on the wall in four languages, Khmer, Chinese, Vietnamese and English.  The staff...

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Won Kee, Cabramatta (part 2)

Walter came back from interstate this week and wanted to go to Won Kee after reading my earlier post.  We had fried rice, to which we added generous pours of soy sauce, my favourite chicken, ginger, shallot dish and sweet and sour pork. Not the healthiest meal, but certainly a delicous...

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Won Kee, Cabramatta

Eating alone tonight so it was a case of fast and tasty.  Haven’t been to Won Kee since their Tom Yum completely changed.  I suspect they changed chefs and since, it’s never quite been as packed. The Won Kee of old was a favourite of the local boys in blue as well as transit officers (when we still had them). Tonight it seems to be all Mandarin speakers both young and old, in couples and in groups.  All up, there were around five tables of customers.  At 7pm in the old days it would have been packed. Won Kee...

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Al-Dhiaffah Al-Iraqi Restaurant, Fairfield

Dinner was delicious in Fairfield at Al-Dhiaffah Al-Iraqi Restaurant, allegedly the only Iraqi restaurant in Sydney. We ordered two dishes only: Beef (or was it lamb) kebab, which was well cooked, thanks to the thickness of it, the centre was still juicy and very tender.  The salad garnish and additional complimentary pickles and salad help cut the protein. Also lots of protein was the lamb stew, with Iraqi bread soaked into it. And of course the Iraqi bread which, as far as my limited knowledge can tell is like Lebanese bread but fluffier. ...

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