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Not really knowing where to go, we headed to the main street around 5pm (travelling makes you so hungry!) looking for food.  Stall holders were setting up for the night market and we decided to eat on the street to watch the goings on. We ordered on the safe side: Lao sausages: the best I’ve had, the taste was a little more game, and looser consistency, crispy skin a delight (a guilty pleasure) Duck Larb: which was a little drier than I’m used to but alot more flavour. Tom Yum Goong: more sour than the sweet Thai version and...

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Bangkok street food stalls

We were last in Bangkok at least six years ago.  But we still remember the yummy street stall on Silom near the over pass. The tables are in the laneway and as you eat residents of the laneway go in and out.  The kitchen is also somewhere deep in the laneway cause we see the foold coming out but we can’t see where. Today we ordered seafood: prawn Tom Yum, prawn Thai salad, deep fried octopus.  The Tom Yum is our particular favourite, it’s a small hot pot that is heated up with coal, just enough to heat up...

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Tropical Fruit

Fruit is soooo delicious in Asia.  I made myself a promise to eat lots – they’re so non guilt making and easy to buy on the street, already cut up for you to eat, none of the messy cutting and peeling. This pic shows persimons, oranges (they look like green lemons in Thailand) and another round small fruit I can’t pic.  However the most popular combination is red papaya, guava, pinapple and water melon.  You can buy them, recently cut and placed in plastic bag, around 10 peices for 10baht or around A$0.30, it’s hard to say no! We...

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Pad Thai in Silom, Bangkok

Last night, we arrived just after midnight in Bangkok from Sydney, checked into our hote and then rushed out for midnight snack. It was a Thursday night and many food stalls were already closed. And those that weren’t were packed! We finally managed to get the last table at a stall on Surawong Street just past the Pan Pacific. Of course we had no idea what was on the menu, cause there wasn’t one, we decided to order Pad Thai (cause it was the only English words on a sign stuck on the stall that was in English). The...

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Frank’s Restaurant

Another unsung gem in Fairfield is Franks Lebanese Restaurant. The place looks just like any other take away, that is, until you try their chicken. And they sell alot of chicken. Sitting in the restaurant last night (Sunday) there was a steady stream of people buying it for take away. Not only is the chicken well marinated, the skin (I know really bad for you) not too crispy and the flesh white and tender. The other thing that makes the meal is the garlic paste on the side – it tastes and smells like it was made from 100%...

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