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Afternoon Delights

While walking to the amulet market from Wat Po, we stopped by for an afternoon treat. Walter had sweet, cold tofu in warm ginger sauce, quite a common Asian sweet, but this one had small long bits in it as well. I had black grass jelly chilled with a large chunk of ice and sweetened with...

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Lao Soup

On the way back from a local temple in town we came across a small street stall (actually it was relatively big by local standards).  In Vietnamese, there’s a rice noodle dish that is particularly flavoured with prawn paste that we call soup lao. I wanted to see if this was it.  There were two types the lady was selling and I picked the one that looked the most spicy.  It wasn’t soup lao, it was more like Vietnamese bun bo hue.  It seemed to be pork mince in a relatively mild soup.  You could add your own fresh...

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L’Elephant (second visit)

Raved about L’Elephant yesterday, in fact we liked it so much we were back again today for lunch.  Not surprisingly the staff were the same as yesterday and being a small restaurant, they remembered us. Today we ordered pretty much the same, the only difference was replacing the nem rice with buffalo skin curry (in addition to the grilled buffalo).  The curry was basically a red curry with three types of meat, chicken, pork and the hard buffalo skin.  It could have been a challenge, but I’m used to having pork skin etc, so this was really no difference. ...

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L’Elephant, Luang Prabang

Desperation to get away from the heat drove us into the airconditioned L’Elephant french/lao restaurant in the tree-lined touristy part of Luang Prabang. It was a small establishment that had only four or five tables inside and the same outside (in the heat!).  The prices, while not quite Sydney prices, we’re on the premium end, even for tourists! We didn’t regret it though: Grilled Buffalo was benefited from a subtle sweet marinade which reduced the gaminess but highlighted it as well.  We ordered it to be adventurous, but after tasting it, vowed to come back for more. Chicken larb...

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Luang Prabang Specialties

Walter had read about some local Luang Prabang specialties and we went looking for them at local restaurants, including: River weed in sauce made from dried buffalo skin, the river weed looks I guess like sea weed! And watercress salad. We also ordered something random from the menu which turned out to be a soup with a strong flavoured herb, tasted very...

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