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Yum Sab Fairfield

Tonight we headed back to Yum Sab in Fairfield, a local Thai-Lao restaurant. The ingredients are always fresh and food rarely disappoints. Ordered our usual, Som Tum Thai (salad above). Massaman Beef curry below. Pad Kha Prow Chicken below (chicken chili basil). Also tried a new cold ice tea… the owner said it was green, assumed it was just green tea, but had very strong peppermint taste.. not sure i like it as much as the more traditional brown version. Very humble inside.....

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Tay Ho Vegetarian

Hadn’t been at Tay Ho for a while. Guess it’s changed owners as the decorations and even the plates are very different now. Tried Ca Kho a traditional dish we’d have at home which is Fish slow-cooked in Fish Sauce until it’s dark and glistening. This is the vegetarian version of course. Looks stunning but didn’t taste as good. The fish of course was made from tofu and did seem to have a fishy texture and fragrance, but overall it the flavour was too one dimensional. Walter had the veg version of Bun Bo Hue. Equally disappointing. Alot of...

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New Taste Noodle House, Ashfield

Mike and Justine took us to a newish Chinese restaurant, New Taste Noodle House in Ashfield. They were raving about it and wanted to introduce us to it. I’m not sure what the origin is, sichuan or shanghai food maybe? We ordered the special chicken of the day which was fried in dried chilli and pepper corn. Truly delicious and not as hot as I thought it might be. The dumplings in soup were generous and tasty, the outer was soft but still retained an aldente taste, the soup itself was delicous, good balance of salty and sweet. We’ll...

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