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Al-Dhiaffah Al-Iraqi Restaurant, Fairfield

Dinner was delicious in Fairfield at Al-Dhiaffah Al-Iraqi Restaurant, allegedly the only Iraqi restaurant in Sydney. We ordered two dishes only: Beef (or was it lamb) kebab, which was well cooked, thanks to the thickness of it, the centre was still juicy and very tender.  The salad garnish and additional complimentary pickles and salad help cut the protein. Also lots of protein was the lamb stew, with Iraqi bread soaked into it. And of course the Iraqi bread which, as far as my limited knowledge can tell is like Lebanese bread but fluffier. ...

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Duck and Bamboo Noodle Soup: Tan Ky

Pho, Mi and Bun Bo Hue are the more well known Vietnamese noodles, but Bun Mang Vit might be something the general community is not so familiar with. Bun Mang Vit is really two dishes in one: Firstly thin rice noodles in soup… Secondly, cooked duck on chinese cabbage salad garnished with crushed peanut, fried onion and my favourite, rau ram (Vietnamese Coriander).  You eat them together, a dry dish washed down with the soup. The duck should be dipped in a lemongrass, garlic, chilli sauce. Tried it at a new restaurant in Cabramatta, Tan Ky.  It’s not an...

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Tan Viet Noodle House Cabramatta

Best crispy chicken noodles in town. I’ve raved about Tan Viet’s Chicken Noodles in my Cabramatta best eats before.  Usually I recommend the dry crispy chicken noodles; basically the soup and egg noodles comes separately. Tan Viet is always busy, if you come after 10.30am just about any day you’ll have to line up.  I haven’t been for a while because I simply haven’t got the time to queue.  For a change, I’m having the wet version; this is more traditional – where the noodles come in soup. Here’s a pic of Walter inside Tan Viet… it looks like...

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Quick Vietnamese Snack: Trung Nguyen

For a late, light dinner, we usually go to Trung Nguyen in Canley Heights.  The food is fast, cheap and very fresh.  Like all other local Viet restaurants Trung Nguyen is not much to look at but you can’t get better food late at night. In terms of customers, it used to do ok, but the restaurant really picked up customers with their $15 all you can eat hot pot introduced a few years ago.  These days it’s abit more than $15. I’m usually there for rice with pork chop and egg (below), the name, when translated always sounds...

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