Author: Walter Mason

Khuong Viet Temple, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Buddhism is an important thing in the lives of most Vietnamese (it is the dominant spiritual tradition) and even people who aren’t particularly religious find themselves in temple at least a couple of times a year. Others, like me, are much more interested and engaged and can find ourselves at temple a lot more often. In my case, sometimes three or four times a day, writes Walter Mason, noodlies, Sydney food blog contributor. The tradition of the preparation of vegetarian food is a long and proud one in Vietnam, and I have observed that Vietnamese Buddhist vegetarian cuisine is...

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Vinh Nghiem Temple Vegetarian Restaurant, Vietnam

One of the loveliest things to do in Vietnam is to indulge in its fine vegetarian food. Vietnam is a predominantly Buddhist country, and vegetarian food is enjoyed by all kinds of people at different occasions. Most commonly it is eaten on the first and 15th of the lunar month, the Buddhist Sabbath days known, in Vietnam, as Ram. Serious Buddhists will also observe the quarter moons and also the days before the Ram, which are out aside for Sam Hoi, or repentance. Even more serious Buddhists will also observe an additional day a week, perhaps a Monday or...

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