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Five lessons learnt from 17 years of blogging

Thought about starting a blog? The longer you wait, the further you’ll fall behind, personally and professionally. I started writing online content in 2000 out of necessity. As a newly elected local government councillor, I felt having a blog/website was the most effective way to connect with constituents in the Fairfield Council area. It was a pragmatic decision, and one that has had a profound effect on my personal and professional development. Back in those days, I used MS Frontpage, a clumsy program to create and maintain a website. Through trial and error, I learnt the basics of building...

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Tet – Lunar New Year in Cabramatta

The year of the Rooster isn’t just for the Chinese, this Festival is celebrated by Vietnamese and Korean communities too. I’m hoping this noodlies, Sydney food blog post gives you a better understanding of how the Vietnamese celebrate the Lunar New Year. Most Sydneysiders might think Lunar New Year is for Chinese only. That’s because the City of Sydney insists on calling it “Chinese New Year”. In fact of the 14 Lunar New Year celebrations around town that noodlies could track down, 11 of them call it “Lunar New Year”. City of Sydney, Willoughby Council and the Darling Harbour Authority...

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Huong Que, Cabramatta, Vietnamese

Mouthwatering Vietnamese dish you may not have heard of before. FIRST LOOK: Noodlies, Sydney food blog loves this street food classic, which hasn’t been on the menu in Sydney… until now… It’s got a weird name, but everything on the sizzling plate is familiar, glossily familiar. Bo ne is a devastatingly addictive street food. On my last visit, we had it from the front of a house in the neighbourhood (below). For some reason bo ne has not made it to the menu of Vietnamese restaurants in Sydney. Which is a travesty because it has everything I love in the...

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Lunar New Year and 8 Lucky Food

About 2017 Year of the Rooster and 8 lucky food for New Year. “All about Lunar New Year and 8 Lucky Food” [click to tweet] What’s in store for the year of the Rooster and what to eat for a lucky, healthy and prosperous New Year? Noodlies, Sydney food blog has everything you need to know… Chinese New Year or Lunar New Year? What will the New Year bring? How to say Happy New Year greetings in different languages 8 Lucky foods for the New Year About Lunar/Chinese New Year While it’s most commonly referred to in the West as Chinese...

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Lunar or Chinese New Year Festivals in Sydney 2017

Where are the Chinese New Year Festivals in Sydney in 2017? “A complete list of Lunar/Chinese New Year Festivals in Sydney” [click to tweet] This year, Chinese New Year, Tet, Lunar New Year falls on Saturday, 28 January 2017. It will be HUGE as the date has the lucky number “8” and falls on a weekend. Want to experience the fun and excitement of the Year of the Rooster?   While the City of Sydney’s “Chinese New Year” celebrations are the biggest – there are plenty of other festivals around town that also showcases the diverse Asian community in...

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