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Lenovo Yoga Book Hands On Review – After 12 months

How does the Lenovo Yoga Book shape up after 12 months? Noodlies, Sydney food blog has put this intriguing device to the test for over a year. Has the shine worn off, or not? The Yoga Book launched in 2016 to overwhelming positive reviews. Though the industry couldn’t pigeonhole this device. They keyboard confounds; it appears at a touch of a button or disappears to become a creative canvas. Laptop or tablet, both or neither? No one was sure. And I reckon that’s just the way Lenovo likes it, after all, they are the company that’s all about #differentisbetter....

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Lotus Dining, The Galleries, Chinese, Sydney

Lucky feasting for the Year of the Dog. Classy Chinese doesn’t have to be in Chinatown. Noodlies, Sydney food blog samples a prosperous Lunar New Year menu in Sydney’s CBD. Lunar New Year triggers the world’s largest mass migration. In China, some 385 million people leave the larger cities and head back to their home town for the annual family reunion. The Lunar New Year feast is all about family and aspirations for the year ahead – happiness, health and prosperity are top of mind. Dishes on the menu at this time are all about attracting good luck for the...

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Hero Sushi, Stocklands Wetherill Park, Japanese

Quick sushi fix, grab a pew! Noodlies, Sydney food blog does suburban sushi train. Remember that Spandau Ballet hit? Round and round it goes And oh don’t you know This is the game that we came here for Round and round it goes And oh don’t you know... 🍣🚂 #sushitrain #wetherillpark #westisbest A post shared by Thang Ngo (blogger) (@thangngo) on Jan 6, 2018 at 7:44pm PST Yep, watch the sushi go round, mesmerising sushi and sashimi spin in a rainbow of colour. It was a stinking hot Summer day in early January, one of those days that shot...

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Chinta Ria Mood for Love, Malaysian, Sydney

Are you here alone? Can I sit next to you? Intimate, sensual is the aim, Malaysian food is their game, noodlies, Sydney food blog sidles up. In the photo above is everything I love about Asian food. It’s sex on legs (four table legs that is). Communal eating is raucous, messy, colourful – there’s noise, movement – a total pretension free zone. For me, the classic Asian meal will have a mix or garlicy stir fry, light vegetables, clean soup and of course steamed rice. These dishes complement each other – a mouthful of flavoursome stir fried meat with...

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